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Hi, my name is Manfred Mietz, I am German, and I am living since 1983 Belgium.

Since a few years I am interested in genealogy.

This page was created to help other and me in their Quest for their ancestors.

Until  proven otherwise, I believe that Mietz and Meitz have the same roots.

Maybe there was only a switch made in the past.

I know of two brother is the VS, one writes his name Mietz and the other Meitz, so I believe that the same could  have happened also in Germany.

It is believed, that the name Mietz has derived from the polish name Miecz, (which means spear, I think ) and that the bearer of these spears have been participating in the Crusades of Jerusalem and when they came home, the called themselves Miecz.

The earliest mentioning, of a Mietz, is Andreas Mietz, in 1444, from Saxony.

Due to a lot of help, and time investment of friends and families, I was able to create this humble site.

I Thank You All



Have fun !!!! 

look around


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You have a different Mietz Genealogy??? send it to me and I will put it up here





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