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    Christopher Mietz Sen.  Family Information

Here this is the very complete Information of  " Buzz" Bruning  form Geneva , Fl


 This are the first 3 generations of Mietz , and we would like any information on  the orginal family (either side), that left around 1850 the former Prussia ( now Germany) and came  to America /Western NY.

1. Christopher Sen Mietz #5153, b. Seelübbe( Seeluebbe) Distr. Prenzlau  Germany.  DOB about 1780-1800 Map of the Seelübbe/Prenzlau area

 He married Anna Elizabeth Hartoies #5154, b. Seelübbe Distr.Prenzlau Germany. DOB about 1780-1800

Children:  1.1 Christopher Mietz jr., 1.2 Anna Elisabeth Mietz1.3 K(C)arl Martin Wilhelm Mietz, 1.4  at least one Daughter she died in  Distr. Uckermark Germany at  the age of 105.

These are the known children

1.1 Christopher Mietz jr. #5155, b. 11-Sep-1816, Seelübbe Distr.Prenzlau Germany.  Christopher died 20-Sep-1864, buried: Trinity Luthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY. He came to America 1854  Map of Wollcottsville

He married in , -   -1854, in Trinity Luthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY; this could have been the first marriage at this church

Fredericka Riefenstahl #5157, b. -   -1828, Strasburg,Distr. Prenzlau, County Brandenburg, Germany, (daughter of Frederich Riefenstahl #5158 and Marie Siebert #5159). 

Children: 1.1.1 Herman Frederich Wilhelm Mietz, 1.1.2 Marie Dorothea Fredericka Mietz

 1.1.1.  Herman Frederich Wilhelm Mietz #5160, b. 18-Jul-1855.
 1.1.2.  Marie Dorothea Fredericka Mietz #5161, b. 28-Nov-1856.

1.2. Anna Elizabeth Mietz #5156, b. -   -1828, Seelübbe Distr. Prenzlau, Germany.

Married  on 10-Dec-1853, in Bergholtz NY, They where first married in Germany  and married again in America they emigrated to America in 1853.

Carl Frederick Pepper or Peffer #5162,  b. -   -1826,

Children :   

  1.2.1 Carl Frederich Peper #5163, b. 02-Apr-1850.
  1.2.2 Ferdinand Wilhelm Peper #5164, b. 24-Oct-1854.
  1.2.3 Marie Elizabeth Peper #5165, b. 19-Feb-1857.
  1.2.4  Herman Christian August Peper #5166, b. 21-Dec-1858, d. 22-Jan-1861.
  1.2.5  Anne Augusta Charlotte Peper #5167, b. 19-Sep-1861, d. 19-Sep-1863.
  1.2.6 Martha Emelia Louise Peper #5168, b. 02-Oct-1863.
  1.2.7 Bertha Julie Fredericka Peper #5169, b. 25-Feb-1866.
  1.2.8 Friedericka Christina Peper #5172, b. 06-Feb-1868.
  1.2.9 Hanna Augusta Fredericka Peper #5170, b. 28-Feb-1871.
  1.2.10 Albertine Caroline Henrietta Peper #5171, b. 07-Mar-1873.

1.3 Karl Martin Wilhelm or Carl Martin W Mietz #4322, b. 10-May-1830, Prenzlau County Brandenburg Germany

He married on 19-Dec-1858, the seventh marriage at that church 

Marie Dorothea Holzheimer #4323, b. 27-Oct-1838, d. 28-Oct-1929. Prenzlau, County Brandenburg Germany, (daughter of Johanne Gottfried Holzheimer #5151 and Dorothea Schroeder #5152)

In 1854 at the age of 24 Karl left Germany and arrived NY harbor in June 1854. First he lived with his sister 1.2 Anna Mietz in Wolcottsville and worked as farm laborer. In 1858 he and  his brother-in-law Carl Pepper bought farm .1865 records show property taxed to William Mietz, No records of Peppers after church record of 1873 of a birth. 

Children :       1.3.1 Augusta Mietz, 1.3.2 Charles Fredrick Mietz,  1.3.3 John A Mietz1.3.4 William H Mietz,   1.3.5 Frederick Herman Mietz, 1.3.6 Albert Rudolph Andreas Mietz,  1.3.7 Hermann F W Mietz Sr, 1.3.8 Ferdinand Mietz,  1.3.9 Heinrich Rudoph Mietz,  1.3.10 Baby Mietz , 1.3.11 Rudolph G Mietz, 1.3.12 Maria Mietz ,  1.3.13 Helena Mietz

1.3.1 Augusta Mietz #4324, b. 06-Sep-1859, Wolcottsville NY. Augusta died 27-Nov-1929, buried: Mt Pleasant Shelby NY.  

She married.on 01-Jan-1881

  (1)William Wehling #4375, , b. 30-Apr-1855, Züsedom, Distr. Prenzlau ,Germany , d. 30-Jun-1882, Wolcottsville NY(son of Frederick E C Wehling #8670 and Wilhelmine Caroline Witte #8671) . Map of Züsedom

Known Children

  then she married. in Jun-1885, 

(2) Charles Munzel #4378, -d. -Jan-1933, Medina NY. 

1 child Fred  b.abt 1900

1.3.2 Charles Frederick August Mietz #4325, b. 18-Nov-1861, Wolcottsville NY.Charles died 10-Jun-1938, buried: Wolcottsville NY.

  He married on 20-Nov-1884, 

(1) Anna Marie Antonie Mann #4336, in Wolcottsville NY, b. 28-Sep-1864,d. 05-Oct-1900, buried: Wolcottsville NY. Twn of Royalton NY, (daughter of Christian Frederick Mann #17283 and Hermine Wilhelmine Ernestine A Brandt #17284)

He married. on 23-Oct-1913,

 (2) Augusta Schilling #7894, b.19-Oct-1862, d. 18-Sep-1940, buried: Trinity Luthrn Ch Cem Wolcottsville NY(daughter of ----- Schilling #14401 and unknown #14402) . 

1.3.3 John A Mietz #4326, b. 08-Nov-1863, Wolcottsville NY.  John died 08-May-1941, buried: St Michael's Lthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY. 

He married in -   -1888

Hulda Hellert #4796, , b. -Dec-1866, d. 01-Apr-1909, Wolcottsville NY.  (daughter of August Wilhelm Friedrich Hellert #20185 and Emile M Newode #20186)

 Gravestone John H. Transcribed from Mdlpt NY Herald Fri 02-Apr-1909: Obituary Hulda A.P. Mietz age 43 years 5 months wife of John Mietz died Thurs 6:PM at her residence 2 1/2 miles S.W. of Wolcottsville. She leaves her husband 2 daughters and 3 sons all at home. Funeral will be held Sun at 2 PM from Brick
church Wolcottsville Rev J.H. Kneubel officiating.

1.3.4.  William H Mietz #4327, b. 27-Sep-1865.William died 22-Feb-1950

  He married

 (1) Anna Buth #4868, -  -1889, b. -   -1867, d. 20-Mar-1891. (daughter of Gottfried Buth #8474 and Dorothea Schmidt #8475)

He married

(2) Augusta Krause #4869, 30-Jun-1891, b.30-Jun-1867, d. 22-Dec-1937

  1.3.5 Frederick Herman Mietz #4328, b. 25-Jul-1867, Wolcottsville NY.Frederick died 07-Apr-1942, Syracuse NY.

 He married

 Mabel Sprout #4982, 29-Aug-1895, b. 16-Mar-1868, Twn of Royalton NY, d. 14-May-1952, Syracuse  NY. 

1.3.6 Albert Rudolph Andreas Mietz #4329, b. 01-Apr-1869, Wolcottsville NY. Albert died 11-Sep-1940, Medina NY

he married on 26-Apr-1896, in St Michael's Lthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY

Minnie Emelia Augusta Brege #2679b. 02-Dec-1874 ,d. 13-Mar-1946, Medina NY. (daughter of Christian Friedrich Willhelm A Brege #2656 and Wilhelmina Albertine Amelia Gensow #1766) .

1.3.7 Herman F W Mietz Sr. #4330, b. 01-Mar-1871, Wolcottsville NY.Herman died 22-Aug-1950, Middleport NY

  He married on . 14-Jan-1894

Christine Krebs #5057 b. 16-Dec-1870, Mich,d. 21-Nov-1943, Lockport NY., (daughter of Karl Gottlieb Krebs #6400 and Catherine Amman #6401) .

1.3.8 Ferdinand Mietz #4331, b. 03-Sep-1873, d. 17-Aug-1899.

1.3.9 Heinrich ( Henry) Rudolph Mietz #4332, b. 31-Jul-1876, Wolcottsville NY, Heinrich died 09-May-1955, buried: Trinity Luthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY

 He married on , 01-Apr-1902

 Minnie Albertina Hintz #5064, b.14-Nov-1879, Walmore NY, d. 14-Oct-1959, buried: Trinity Luthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY.  

1.3.10 Baby Mietz #4333, b. -   -1877, d. -   -1877.

1.3.11  Rudolph G Mietz #4334, b. 06-Sep-1878, Wolcottsville NY,.Rudolph died 03-Jul-1951, Lockport NY

He married  on , 28-Oct-1903

Rose Hintz ( Hintze) #5306, b. 11-Sep-1882,  d. 30-Jan-1958, Lockport NY. 

1.3.12 Maria ( Marie) (Mary) Mietz #4293, b. 16-Nov-1880, Wolcottsville NY, Maria died 23-Jul-1956, buried: St Michael's Lthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY.

She married  in .-1900,

 (1) Henry Schilling #4292, -   -b. 29-Jul-1870, d. 09-Dec-1933, Wolcottsville NY, buried: St Michael's Lthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY.(son of Frederick Shilling #45019 and Helen M ----- #45020)

Then she married on  25-Feb-1936 , in St Michael's Lthrn Ch Wolcottsville

(2) Frederick Tryloff #4299, NY, b. -Feb-1876, Twn of Royalton NY, d. 28-May-1945. 

1.3.13 Helena Mietz #2751, b. 17-May-1882, Wolcottsville NY.Helena died 31-Jan-1960, Wolcottsville NY, buried: St Michael's Lthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY.  Gravestone

 She married on 16-Apr-1900, 

Frederick Otto Baehr #2750, b. 19-Jun-1878, , d. 24-Apr-1935 buried: St Michael's Lthrn Ch Wolcottsville NY (son of Wilhelm August Baehr sr. #2748 and Johanna Fredericke Lindecke #4015) . 


This is just a piece of the Familie Genealogy , If you have some information just write me an E mail  ( Just hit the " Buzz" )


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